As proof of their commitment to high quality products, Teknoware provides an extended 5 year warranty for their emergency and exit lights. This applies to both centrally supplied lights, and self-contained lights with batteries. The warranty covers both material and production failures for 5 years, starting from the original purchasing date. Additionally, for ESCAP lights, which are equipped with super capacitors, there is a 10 year warranty, which is defined in a separate warranty conditions document.

General information

1. This Warranty is provided by Teknoware Oy, P.O. Box 19, FI-15101 Lahti, Finland.

2. This Warranty covers Teknoware centrally supplied lights, and self-contained emergency and exit lights with batteries, purchased after the 1st of June, 2019.

The Warranty covers the mechanics and electronics of the luminaire, if the luminaire does not fulfill the performance requirements that applied to it on the date of manufacture. Otherwise, the normal warranty, which is valid for two years from the purchasing date, and which the conditions of Orgalime S2012 apply to, is valid.

3. The Warranty is valid, provided that the luminaire ambient temperature has stayed within the range specified in its technical data, and that the product has been installed and used according to its installation guide.

4. The Warranty cannot be transferred. The Warranty is valid only if the product has been purchased either directly from Teknoware or from an authorized distributor.

5. In order to take advantage of the Warranty, Teknoware Oy must be informed about the fault immediately after it has been detected. The faulty luminaire must be returned to the Technical Service department at Teknoware Oy for repairs, together with the purchase documents (invoice, receipt) and a clear description of the problem. If the fault is verified to be according to the terms of the Warranty, Teknoware Oy shall take care of the transport costs. Alternatively, Teknoware Oy can also supply the necessary spare parts to the customer, assuming the rest of the conditions of this Warranty are met.

6. If required, a representative of Teknoware Oy must be granted entry to the site where the luminaire is installed.

7. Within the limits of this Warranty, Teknoware Oy commits, at their own discretion, to either repair or replace any component of the luminaire. If there are no spare parts available for the original luminaire, Teknoware Oy, at their discretion, can offer to replace the luminaire with a new, equivalent luminaire, or offer compensation corresponding to the remaining Warranty time. If a new, replacement luminaire is provided, it will come with a Warranty that is valid for the remaining Warranty time of the original luminaire, beginning from the date of the reclamation. If any components are repaired or replaced, they will be covered by the same warranty as the luminaire, beginning from the date of the reclamation.

8. The Warranty does not cover the costs of the installation or removal of the luminaire at the installation site, or any other indirect costs.

9. The terms of this Warranty are valid until further notice. They may be updated in a new version of the Warranty, which will apply to luminaires produced after its publication.

This five year Warranty is not valid (this is not an exhaustive list):

1. if the ambient temperature of the installed luminaire has been outside the temperature range specified in the technical data.

2. if the luminaire has been installed in conditions for which it is not suitable, according to its IP class or mechanical construction.

3. if the fault is due to mechanical damage which is the result of faulty handling or faulty installation of the luminaire (instructions for installing the luminaire and its safe handling and storage can be found in the installation guide provided with the luminaire).

4. if the luminaire has been modified by people other than representatives of Teknoware Oy or service companies authorized by Teknoware Oy.

5. if the luminaire has been damaged as a result of servicing (including all updates) by people other than representatives of Teknoware Oy or service companies authorized by Teknoware Oy.

6. if the original serial number or manufacturing date on the luminaire has been deleted or cannot be read.