Safe 29 LED Emergency Light Y2992WMC

220-240 V 50/60 Hz AC
IP 65
RAL 9003
850 °C
EN 60598-2-22

Self-contained ESCAP Emergency Light with 1 h Super Capacitor and Lumi Test Self-testing for open areas (Invidually packed TWS2992WMC)

Safe 29 is suited for demanding environmental conditions. It has a plastic frame, and combines functional design with a high protection rating. For emergency lighting applications, an 18 W model is also available. It allows a higher mounting height. The double insulated construction material is of shock-resistant plastic. Safe 29 is available with either a long-life LEDs, or a fluorescent lamp. The luminaires in the Safe 29 product line are suited for interior and exterior applications.

Thanks to the improved LED technology, the new ESCAP models are now available, offering longer mounting distance for both open area (TWS2992WAC) and escape routes (TWS2992WAB). With these new ESCAP models, also 4 m mounting height is now possible.

Product CodeY2992WMC
FeatureEscap, Lumi Test
Mounting (standard)ceiling, wall, surface
Mounting (optional)recess
Customs Code94056080
GTIN Code6438045019109
ETIM Product ClassEC001957
Length341 mm
Width189 mm
Height94 mm
Weight1,5 kg
Backup1 h
Max Input Power VA3,6 VA
Nominal Supply Voltage220-240 V, 50/60 Hz AC
Protection ClassI
IP ClassIP65
Temperature Range Min - Max-25...+35 °C
Glow Wire Test of Plastic Materials850 °C
Light SourceLED
Body Materialplastic
Aperture for Recess Mounting350 x 215 mm
Electrical Installation3 x 2,5 mm²
Luminous Flux120 lm

Emergency lighting for open areas (ceiling mounting)

  • Table of 0,5 lux for open areas according to the norm EN 1838, 0,5 m edge district is considered in the table.
  • Level of measurement 0,02 m, measurement result with battery operation.
Y R1 R3 R2 X h R4
  • R1 distance from wall (X axis)
  • R2 installation distance between lights (X axis)
  • R3 installation distance between lights (Y axis)
  • R4 distance from wall (Y axis)


Mounting height (m)Below the light luxR1 (m)R2 (m)R3 (m)R4 (m)
0,5 lux0,5 lux0,5 lux0,5 lux

Optional accessories:

Shock Protecting Covers for Emergency Lights

Product CodeProduct NameCompatible Product GroupsAdd to offer basket
TW77507BShock protecting cover TW77507BESC 10 Emergency Exit Lights, ESC 80 Emergency Exit Lights

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