MyTeknoware cloud service

Control your emergency lighting systems by leveraging the power of the cloud to connect, locate and manage them. From one single portal. Anytime and anywhere. MyTeknoware lets you do this in a secure, flexible and fast way.

MyTeknoware is a cloud-based portal that makes it easy to monitor emergency lighting systems remotely. You can see the locations of all your emergency lighting systems in real-time, at one glance, no matter how many you have or how large your emergency lighting systems are. You can also subscribe to your portal to receive email summaries and alerts from the system.

MyTeknoware is quickly deployable, and it doesn’t require any preliminary investment. Just connect it to any emergency lighting system compatible with Aalto Control WMU (TST5108). MyTeknoware will then collect data from all your locations and display them in an easy-to-use interface. You can monitor and control everything on your mobile or computer, in any browser.


Fast and easy

Monitor your emergency lighting systems anytime, anywhere. MyTeknoware works on all browsers and devices, and it’s easy to use. You can add users according to your needs for free.


It’s a cost-effective solution because you can check all your emergency lighting systems, anywhere, without travelling to the site. No preliminary investments needed.


MyTeknoware is a cloud-based portal, which is powered by Amazon (AWS), so you don’t need a local database. It uses SSL-certified access for secure communication through your browser.

Connect and control

See at a glance how your emergency lighting systems are working in different locations, in real-time. MyTeknoware tells you the name of the location, the name of the customer and the exact address. Moreover, you can manage and plan maintenance operations using the task list for each site.

Receive email summaries and alerts
Teknoware emergency lights are programmed to test themselves regularly. If a light detects a problem, it will inform the central monitoring system. The system records all information about the test in a log file. By subscribing to your portal, you’ll receive email summaries and alerts from the system, including notifications telling you when you need to log in to MyTeknoware. 

Meet regulatory requirements
The emergency light equipment maintenance program and the log must be presented to the rescue authorities for control purposes on request. You can export the reports quickly, making it easy to present them to the authorities when required.


  • control your emergency lighting systems through one portal
  • check the luminaire’s type, status, condition and location
  • gather information, error logs and test results
  • see automatic status reports
  • arrange luminaires by groups, such as by floor or other area, or by building or site
  • set prohibited times for testing
  • manage maintenance operations through the task list
  • manage customer and user information
  • export documents and task lists
  • subscribe and receive email summaries and alerts

Do you want everything as a full service?

We also offer our customers with a convenient service and maintenance agreement. This provides regular emergency lighting surveys for your properties with accompanying legal documentation. This lets you ensure that your emergency lighting system is always up to date. As your supplier, we can guarantee the latest equipment upgrades and replacement parts for quick availability during our service visits.


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