Central Battery System TKT7824CFP

3~ N/PE 220-240/ 380-415VAC 50/60Hz
IP 31
RAL 9003
EN 50171

The central battery system in the TKT7 series offers an efficient, high-tech emergency lighting solution. You can easily modify the system according to your needs, making the new TKT7 series a truly flexible choice. The TKT7 series has a bright touch screen and logical user interface, so it is easy to use. It also has automatic luminaire detection, which makes commissioning the luminaires in your system simple and fast. The central battery system is compatible with all of our 230 V addressable luminaires so you can replace an existing system with ease. The TKT7 series is an easy to adapt solution for locations which need different numbers of luminaires.

The central battery system in the TKT78C series is particularly suitable for medium-sized buildings. You can choose from models ranging from 4 to 24 output circuits. The maximum battery capacity is 65 Ah. An integrated battery cabinet is included.

Product CodeTKT7824CFP
Customs Code85044090
GTIN Code6438045026480
ETIM Product ClassEC002678
Length665 mm
Width799 mm
Height1850 mm
Weight145 kg
Nominal Supply Voltage3~ N/PE 220-240/380-415VAC, 50/60Hz
Nominal Output Voltage, Mains Supply220-240 VAC
Output Voltage, Battery Supply216 VDC
Battery Voltage216 VDC
Max Battery Capacity65 Ah
Max total load, mains operation8400 VA
Max total load, battery operation 1 h6000 W
Max total load, battery operation 3 h3340 W
Number of Output Circuits24 x 350
Max Total Load, 1 h Duration6000 W
Power Consumption9515 VA
IP ClassIP31
Body Materialsheet metal

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